Saturday, February 5, 2011

How We Select Our Pearls Accessories?

Lovely Pearls go the extra mile when it is about selecting the pearls accessories for our store. As a woman, I understand what are the criteria that we normally look into when choosing an accessory. Starting my interest as an amateur in pearls, I have achieved quite substantial experience in pearls. Most of it is learnt through trial and error. I have to admit, in the beginning, it is hard to differentiate between a fake imitation pearl, and a pure pearl. 

Once, I have bought a fake strand of pearls at a price of one hundred ringgit, thinking it was real pearls. But, that was actually a lesson worth of RM100. I can considerably now differentiate a fake,imitated pearl with a genuine organic pearl by identifying the five important factors in valuing organic pearls, which are: lustre, colour, shape, surface, and size.

My lesson in lustre is learnt during my wedding anniversary. My husband and I went to a reputable jeweller to buy something of a value and memorable to commemorate our anniversary. I choose a pearl pendant. An ovalish off-white pearl set in a white gold. It was surely an expensive pearl pendant!! And I was thinking, it must be of a very high quality. Little did I know that it was actually a commercial pearl with an average lustre. It was not until a year later while on a vacation, when I actually found a pearl of excellent quality and lustre at a small side-walk tent in Kuching. And most surprisingly, the price is at the fraction of what we paid at the reputable jeweller! Again, it was an expensive lesson on lustre.

I have also learnt from various experience in choosing the best clasp. I have snapped a few bracelet before knowing now which is the best clasp. Apparently, the strength of the claps depends on the metal quality, the weight of the pearls and crystals, and the type of clam used in ending the knot. With whatever substantial knowledge that I have about pearls, I try my best to choose the pearls accessories that is of highest quality. It is like, I am shopping for a best friend. 

At Lovely Pearls, it is our utmost priority to find the most unique and exclusive design. So that you can be rest assured, you are among the few proud owners of the exquisite piece. Till we meet again in the next entry. I wish you a pearly holiday.

Yours Truly,
Lovely Pearls

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Beauty of Pearls

My first encounter with pearls was when my mother handed to me a piece of heirloom. Two beautiful perfectly round shape yellow colored pearls set on gold stud cast. I was so stunned by the pearly luster. Even after 35 years in keeping, the pearls are stunningly exquisite! 

When I put it on, it accentuates a woman's beauty in a way that a diamond could not. The subdue glow that enhance the elegance of the wearer, the feeling of the understated glamour. I fell in love with pearls instantly!

I personally feel that women can never have enough of pearls. Pearls are gems that do not cost a fortune on the wallet and the versatility transcends beyond time. Unlike diamond that are hard set on a metal; pearls can be re-strung, re-designed, and re-polished to create a new set of accessories. From bracelet to necklace. Pearls allow the proud owner to play with her creativity.

With this web store, I hope it will act as an avenue for potential pearl lovers to become an owner of this unique gems, and experience falling in love with this exquisite creation of the sea. May you have an enjoyable pearls shopping! 

Yours truly,